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  1. Fools always have to use cheating software haha , I think the user is the owner of the character |||Vic|||
  2. There should be a fair balance between the classes in the game not to mention the equipment it doesn't help at all, even using a FO set, it's still losing to a weaker set
  3. you should check carefully before updating dmg After you increase the damage to the SUM class, look at my and his sets, I'm using sets manticore Elf donate + Full Socket with full Socket weapon but with one hit I died, why ???
  4. thank you for this although it's a bit late but it will be fairer for players from other countries as well
  5. And here is the current ranking So I say this event doesn't happen every 2 hours , If this event happens 2 hours / 1 time the ranking will be different 1 Haram 113 2 AstridStar 88 3 ETERNAL 36 4 SUPERSTAR 35 5 Kre4et 26 6 1052 26 7 SD02 20 8 Slayer19 9 MeSbIy19 10 KINGSTON17
  6. This event has remained unchanged, this is the time I update according to my time zone. 0:50 - 1:50 - 2:50 - 3:50 - 8:50 - 12:50 - 16:50 - 20:50 - 21:50 - 22:50 - 23h50
  7. I just attended the santa event, it still happens every 1 hour starting at 20.50 pm to 4:00 am in Vietnam time zone, the time is not every 2 hours as you say
  8. This is a new time update, before that the time of the Santa Claus event was still the same, players from Russia came to the top thanks to the old event timing.
  9. This event is only for Russian players because the time in other countries is quite different, the number of golbin hunted by Russian players will be easier.
  10. Does he have 2 internet connections, that can't be banned even by ADM, less crying, do you want to cry in the game?
  11. shut up idiots If I'm not mistaken, the person in this photo is you, your equipment is very weak so you shouldn't wonder why you died so fast
  12. ok bro, it's a great idea let's start that rule from after this new update
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  14. cười vl up video tố cáo hack nhưng đang sử dụng hack speed xong gỡ đi up 1 video khác trong đấy lại tố cáo thừa nhận sử dụng hack mà đọc chả thấy cái mẹ gì
  15. hahah thằng bé xóa video dùng hack speed , cười vãi lồn GM nó cập nhật anti PS đấy giờ chúng mày hack thì nó tự động chup lại màn hình thì đừng sủa nữa nhé thằng ngu :)) , trong video tao thừa nhận hack gì vậy mày bị ngu à Only giảm ping nó vẫn nói là hack thì bố cũng quỳ với mày rồi thằng óc chó