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  1. Why only 1 pentagram is activated even if I use all 4 kinds of it?
  2. Admin how to enter kanturu door? it always say "moonstone pendant authentication failed"
  3. If the admin is ok with that so why put the 3 accounts restriction? He should remove it to be fair with other players.
  4. yeah i know that but i saw your video and all your 5 accounts are in devias 4 so how do you explain that?
  5. Does having more than 3 clients or accounts logged in count as cheating?
  6. I saw that and the admin is not even commenting on that topic. Hope the admin will not be biased because they are his countrymen.
  7. You have 2 different IPs in one computer? still that would be so unfair to other players.
  8. How can I open more than 3 accounts?
  9. Lol seriously you saying that? When you always kill my chars for no reason too just because you are stronger.
  10. Wow how can you open 4 accounts at the same time?
  11. How to create conquerors and AD wings? where to get the requirements?
  12. Thank you so much admin!
  13. how many days is the vip? Kaijuu
  14. i would also like to ask, is the vip permanent?