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huanlv стал победителем дня 22 декабря 2020

huanlv имел наиболее популярный контент!


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  1. So you are Pox , no wonder always questioning us hahaha. see u ingame , Rage, Infinity and RedRibbon.
  2. well the old one quite not so good, hehe. when u removed PS, the cheat player is online just right then . AnhDaDen i saw that idiot today.
  3. name of the bk u try to kill ?
  4. thanks, i hope this player will get banned soon as he deserved.
  5. This idiot trash of the game is back, OnlyYou, AnhDaDen same owner. Watch this magic speed. Sir @Admin ITS TIME TO MAKE A PUNISHMENT ?
  6. wiz vs bk sir. and bk vs bk need a little increase too
  7. Could you add alittle more in wizard ? just a little like 10-20 %. Others is ok i suppose.
  8. Thanks alot
  9. And please fix bk vs bk. couldnt kill each other.
  10. Yes i know it but at least not weak like trash.
  11. Hi. About this ridiculous problem, Wizard is suck, Rf suck also, Summoner too. When these character get any upgrade about pvp ? Others hit them just one hit. No matter full or not full items. Thanks.
  12. 1 month
  13. where are you now idiot ? no more speed hack ? cunt.