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  1. Same player but another problem with him. We cannot touch him when pvp by same gears. Even when I wear manticore set with full of seeds, he could kill me in a blink of an eye. I doubt that there is some trick that admin need to check him. Thanks!
  2. Check if there is any other person playing Max Mu in the same network with you
  3. I want to report this player. His name is soloman. He have insulted the whole server
  4. My suggestion is to raise the rate of dropping custom jewels from cherry blossom, just by a minor value. I think you may consider fixing it in VIP users instead. Thanks for listening to me
  5. But even with vip status, I cannot obtain more Ore than usual. It seems that the rate for getting Ore at VIP and free users are the same
  6. Yes sir! It's too hard to obtain jewels from cherry blossoms
  7. I am very happy to know that our Server's admins are always listening and answering to us. This server is such a great one for both paid and free user. For playing MaxMu for a few months, I think that the rate for creating Ore from Cherry Blossom Branch should be increased by a minor value. The fact is that we often spend lots of time and zen (up to hundreds of billion of zen) creating Ore from Red flowers but just obtain them by a few quantities. I am supposed that the higher rate of Ore will encourage players to spend more times on this server. Thank you so much!
  8. Of course I was trying to pay in Dollar. However, the money in my paypal is Dollar too. I do not know why the policy of Paypal is becoming so strict like that. 1 month ago, I bought VIP via paypal successfully
  9. Can you please register another paypal account in another country using VPN so that we can donate via this method. We really prefer to donate via Paypal because of its convenience
  10. Yes sir. I did it via Visa. However, our popular payment method that we prefer is Paypal. I hope that you will fix this issue soon so that we can donate further in the future. Thanks so much
  11. I tried to buy VIP via Paypal but the payment system said that the transaction was not supported in that country (maybe Russia). Please check and resolve the issue