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Admin стал победителем дня 25 февраля

Admin имел наиболее популярный контент!


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  1. Vady game chat ban for 24 hours repeated violation of the insult will lead to the blocking of the account for two days
  2. soloman - blocked forever
  3. We have removed this crappy anti-cheat that always causes problems!!!! So far, we use the old one
  4. The anti-cheat has been updated. Please reconnect all through the launcher. If an error occurs restart your computer
  5. Проблема решена можно заходить в игру
  6. каждый день появляютца новые читы кликеры макросы. этого не избежать и следить не возможно 24 на 7 за всем этим
  7. The cheat database has been updated. Soon the programmer will release a new database and the protection will work again for a long time. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on this character
  8. The final update of the server files was installed Please all re-enter the game through the launcher
  9. Wcoin was successfully credited the event was completed
  10. This is one of Haram Benjamin's players. He was removed not for playing in two windows, but for insulting the administration. Это один игрок Haram - BENJAMEN. Он был удален не и за того что играл в два окна а за очень плохое поведение и общения с администрацией. Данная проблема не обсуждается! Любые высказывания претензии не рассматриваются. This problem is not discussed! Any statements of claim are not considered.
  11. поднял пвп против длка
  12. you can only use 2 pieces maximum Pentagram Scroll - Cannot be used with Pentagram Weapon Pentagram Weapon - Cannot be used with Pentagram Scroll Pentagram Shield - Cannot be used with Pentagram Elixir Pentagram Elixir - Cannot be used with Pentagram Shield
  13. for which class to raise the wizard's %?